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Fish Extenders on Disney Cruise Line

On a Disney cruise, passengers are always looking for more pixie dust to make the sailing extra personalized and special. Fish extenders (also known as FEs), are hanging gift bags, usually embroidered with the names of the family members traveling together, that are hung from small metal fish, used as …

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DentaBright Pro

About Dental Bright Dental Bright is an in-home tooth polisher the manufacturers claim will remove stains and make your mouth feel like you just visited the dentist. They state the device is similar to the one at the dentist office and that using it weekly will help you maintain a …

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Board Game Bento Thoughts

Writers for Board Game Quest are occasionally asked to evaluate a product that we might not be the main consumers for. In the case of a board game subscription service, receiving a monthly drop of board games is something we’re familiar with as a matter of course. For gamers out …

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