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Beyonce Pulse Perfume

Beyonce Pulse Perfume

Beyonce Pulse Eau De Parfum Spray for Women is something that can be considered a great gift to any women. Beyonce, in cooperation with the company Coty, presents her new fragrance Pulse in September 2011. Pulse is a citrus floral gourmand fragrance, dedicated to the favorite flower of the singer orchid. This energetic composition portrays the excitement that she feels on stage. The fragrance opens with sparkling top notes of pear blossom, frozen bergamot and accord of Blue Curacao liqueur. The heart features Bluebird orchid, for the first time used in a fragrance. There are also notes of delicate peony and intensive midnight blooming jasmine. The base is warm, sensual and irresistible, made with Madagascar vanilla, musk and precious woods.

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Coty is the parent company behind the Beyoncé fragrance, just like Elizabeth Arden is the parent company behind Britney Spears and Justin Bieber fragrances.

Those who like to use “MADE IN THE USA” product and not “China”, this is the one for you. The beautiful box states, “Exclusively by COTY…Paris and New York”. Right above the ingredient list it clearly states, “MADE IN THE USA”!

Took a risk and bought this fragrance for my bestie’s bday (first buying something like this online). I didn’t wrap it, I just drop it in the gift back with the handbag I bought her because I wanted her to pull it and see if we liked it. It smells nicer (after it settled) smells refreshing. I don’t think it last long though (well we only tested it on our hand and not clothes).

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However, when tried personally I found though my husband loves the smell on me but it does not last long. Kinda disappointed at first so I started spraying more on my skin so it would last a little bit longer.

But I must say it has a pretty bottle along with amazing refreshing smell.

One more thing you should care about. Though the bottle look pretty but its not durable like most other frgnence bottles. You may broke it if it fall from a short distance.


  • Beyoncé. I’m a big fan of her.
  • Smell is amazingly refreshing.
  • Pretty bottle. A must have for any fragrance bottle collection.


  • Smell don’t last long.
  • Bottle is very delicate. Make sure it won’t fall.

Overall I really like the product. For just $14.50 you can’t ask for more really. And its from Beyoncé.

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